Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fundraising Ireland's National Fundraising Conference 2012

Inspired by Howard Lake's usual collection of resources from UK fundraising events I decided here would be a good place to collect useful and interesting tweets, links, resources, etc. from Fundraising Ireland's National Fundraising Conference on 20th & 21st March 2012.

The hashtag for the conference is #finfc12 - follow live updates here.

Here are the Twitter pages of the Masterclass speakers:
Mike Johnston - @hjcnewmedia
Beate Sørum - @beatesorum
Damian O'Broin - @damianobroin
Aline Reed - @alinereed
Margaux Smith - @margauxs

And the rest of the speakers:
Tobin Aldrich - @tobinaldrich
Patrick Boggan -
Simon Burne -
Derval Costello -
Kevin Delaney - @kevmagic
Aíne Gibbons -
AJ Leon - @ajleon
Mark Pollock - @markpollock
Simon Scriver - @TotalFR
Chris Washington-Sare - @CWashingtonSare

And other people tweeting about the conference:

Here's a selection of Tweets:
 the truth goes a long way. Tell it all - the good, the bad, the complete story -@evthewolf 
 ' Sometimes best to go low tech, voice 2 voice, in real time ..it's called the telephone ' ;-)  - @patcarrolltouch 
How about writing a letter to people.. An actual letter.. Thats right.. A handwritten personal letter. Revolutionary.   - @neilirwin 
Never let your organisation get in the way of a great story -  - @damianobroin 
Very good point from Simon - flashy databases that aren't properly used make sloppy communication easy   - @qaoileann
  direct debit date flexibility vital, we should be asking people when they get paid and set dd as close as possible - @ask_direct 
  being a donor can be a lonely experience without any sense of being part of a community - @ask_direct
85% of session attendees have recieved legacy gifts in their orgs but only 25% have an actual legacy programme!!  - @mylegacy_ie
Time and time again its the story making social media fundraising work. But social media that lets people hear it, see it, feel it. - @neilirwin 
Are geeks an untapped seam of fundraising gold?   - @neilirwin
Do u have control of who receives what-where? Dont lump the digital donor in with ur other donors.Identify why they donated & how! - @jennydouglas2
Digital fundraising not working because we are forgetting to prioritise, to ask, to analyse - - @OrlaithFoley
need to prompt people and give them reasons to share on social media.. Not just a little 'f' on your website - @neilirwin
3 second delay in loading a website will cause over 50% of consumers to click away - @timodea
Looking forward to in Dublin on weds , great bunch of speakers there. And me too, I'm afraid - @tobinaldrich
"finance + sales are the 2 most evil industries... But put them together +you get fundraising!" - Simon scriver   - @qaoileann 
Did my "do I have everything"-routine. Did not have everything. Returned for power adapter. Now en route to  again. - @BeateSorum
As an aside, amazed that so many people in the room never heard of Kickstarter. Or didn't admit to it:)  - @qaoileann 
Between AJ Leon and Simon from , the geek chic quotient is high so far at  - @qaoileann
I'll be following you from a grey-skied vantage point in Cork - @omaniblog

Speaker Presentations

[None yet...got pics?]

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