Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I Learned At The IOFNC 2012

Just unwinding after the Institute of Fundraising National Convention and I decided to key some notes up on my public blog so that not only will I always have them available, but so that you - if you were unable to attend - can get something from the IOFNC.
Why not read these while pretending you're at a conference? Why not write your name on a piece of paper and attach it to a lanyard around your neck? Say the word 'lanyard' out loud, and then lose that piece of paper briefly. Why not drink some really shitty tea and put a bunch of business cards in all of your pockets? Just start talking to a stranger. Network with your cat. Don't go outside for three days. Forget about your real life.

There were lots of iPads floating about this year and this was the first year I took notes on my mobile rather than pen and paper. Sometimes I drift in to a special place where I write down stuff that has nothing to do with what the speaker is saying.  So here we go...some of it may be of consciousness...

Start Qualifying Everything
Every cost - how many donors is it worth? You're spending €150 on attending a conference? That's this month's donation from ten donors...make it worth it.
On the flip side, every fundraising campaign - what will it do? This month's door-to-door recruitment will give sight back to 750 people around the world.

Sort out Mobile
Need to speed up the accessibility of mobile giving in Ireland. JustGiving doubled conversion rates by adding a mobile donation site.
SMS 'Skip' instead of 'Stop' - UNICEF using successfully.
Send an SMS ask to cancelled DDs.

"Your Board of Directors will not approve"
True words from the one-and-only AJ Leon.
Irish boards are holding back Irish charities.

"Why aren't we protecting voice?"
A beautiful, beautiful (possibly paraphrased) quote from Adrian Salmon.
Telephone fundraising and face-to-face fundraising are so, so powerful. There will always be a place for them and anyone who is investing in on-line and digital before they are investing in telephone is crazy. Ireland is full of that negligence. I can't believe how slow the uptake in telephone fundraising is in Ireland.
It works. Ask me how. (

On-line/Off-line Preference
People don't know what they want...stop asking them.
Prostate cancer mailing - the guy who said mail is dead and then goes on to fall in love with a talking walnut that got posted to him.

Updates to Staff
Weekly charity highlight, videos, messages from donors and staff and more.

It was an amazing Institute of Fundraising National Convention. As always, it was brilliant and I think I saw the best session I have ever seen at any conference. (Interestingly, I also think I saw the worst session I have ever seen). Thank you to everyone involved. (Except the worst session people).

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