Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Magic 100,000

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe a charity CEO shouldn't earn more than €100,000 a year, despite their skills or how well the organisation performs because of them, and despite the fact that we have made this totally acceptable in the private sector and we all aspire to earn that much.

I'm not very smart. Let's assume you're right. Charity CEOs should earn less than €100k.

There's just a few questions I need to ask. A few things I'm not 100% sure of:
  • What was acceptable in Punts? Anything less than £78,756? Or was the standard back then £100,000?
  • How much should they earn? Is €99,999 ok? €80k? €50k? €40k? What's the cut-off? 
  • CEOs should earn more than their staff, right? But some of their staff might be doctors...who earn good money. This is awkward. Should CEOs earn less than some staff? Or should the high-skilled staff also earn less than the real world because it's a charity? 
  • Does the size of the charity make a difference? Some employ thousands of people. Their CEOs should still earn less than 100k, right?
  • If we call it a 'Social Enterprise' can the CEO earn more than €100k? 
  • If we call it a 'Business' can the CEO earn more than €100k?


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