Monday, March 4, 2013

Stream of Blog Titles

These would make good fundraising blog titles. You can have them:

  • "Why your fundraising should be more like Jefferson Airplane and less like Jefferson Starship"
  • "Scratchcards - You're The Only One That Hates Them"
  • "Taking the 'Fun' Out Of The Phrase 'Put The Fun In Fundraising'"
  • "Forget On-line Fundraising - Be like Kings of Convenience and Get Back To Basics"
  • "Why being a donor is like being a gym member"
  • "What if Dylan wrote copy"
  • "Managing Your Major Donors In The Same Way You Feed A Toddler"
  • "Stop Reading Blogs, Start Asking For Money"
  • "What You Can Learn About Fundraising From Fundraising Blogs"

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