Monday, June 24, 2013

Fundraising Ideas I'll Probably Never Do

I've been keeping notes of little fundraising ideas I'd like to do eventually. But I'm beginning to realise I'll probably never have the time or they suck. And the other day I seriously nearly got hit by a car. So I'm making my 'notes' public - feel free to steal any of these ideas*:

Super Mario Bros. 3 Live
Super Mario Bros 3 can be finished in 11 minutes. But instead we get someone who will play it from start to finish in about 30 minutes live on stage on a giant screen (maybe at The Sugar Club?). There will also be a live band on stage who will play all the music and sound effects.

Prostate Party
Black-tie dinner where all the men's names are drawn randomly and they go one-by-one in to a private room to have their prostate checked. Cadburys Chocolate Fingers are a possible sponsor.

Loudness Race
People who sponsor me can decide what I listen to while I run a marathon. The more you pay the more airtime you get - can choose songs, record speech, whatever.

Push A Car From Dublin to Galway
"This doesn't make sense. Neither does poverty."

Run That Doesn't Pass Any Pub (James Joyce Ulysses)
This blogger found a route through Dublin (inspired by Ulysses) that doesn't pass any pubs. Organise a fun-run along this route - probably for an alcohol-related charity.

Celebrity Speed Dating
5 celebs in a room, auction places for 5 punters who will get to talk to each of them for 5 minutes.

555-Number That Goes To Charity Line
Whenever anyone gives a phone number in a movie it's usually a fake number (eg. 555-5555 in America) because randomers try to call it. Instead, let's get a phone number that goes through to a dedicated charity awareness/donation line and ask all future movies and TV shows to use this number instead.

Donate For Every...
Make a donation for every text/call/e-mail/interaction you make or receive in a week. Good for charity highlighting isolation.

When people take out a mortgage give them the option to add an extra tiny amount in the payment. Nominated charity gets lump sum from the bank.

Clampers Donation
I would love to work with the clampers on a CSR plan.

Alternative Olympics
Including the 100m dash in a hotel corridor.

Frape Campaign
A 'frape' is the "act of using another person's Facebook account to post derogatory messages." For obvious reasons the term is pretty offensive.
But what if a charity set up a donation landing page that explained why the word was offensive, how it's relevant to the charities work, and why they need your money. Then, when you or anyone sees someone has left their Facebook page open, instead of posting "I eat poo" you would post a link to the campaign page.

*If by some chance you do any of these it would be cool to get a little credit or let me know how it goes...thanks!


  1. This is awesome. I’m gonna pitch some of these ideas to the PTA board. We do a big trivia night at my sons school. The winners even get to take a spin the spinning prize wheel for additional prizes. Thanks for posting.

  2. I had receive a text message that says donate a said amount to a certain charity (which I am not familiar with). But I just ignore it because it seems a scam to me. And I guess that’s the downside of this donate-for-every idea is. People might think that it is a scam especially that nowadays, scams are also increasing in numbers.

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