Friday, December 13, 2013

Where Did My CRC Donation Go?

I started wondering where my donations to the Central Remedial Clinic went.

I've been entering a monthly lottery for nearly 6 years now (because I want to win a car) and I've been very happy to know that in that time a portion of my money has gone to the CRC. I reckon about €250 worth.

But in the current scandal I'm seeing a lot of figures thrown around. Bonuses of €200k, massive pensions, massive salaries. [Salaries I dream of and aspire to - We live in a world obsessed with money and I fantasise about earning €240k so that I can donate loads, buy lots of presents, pay off my mortgage, take my family on a nice holiday and finally buy Fantastic Four #48.]

But for the moment I'm wondering where my €250 here's the breakdown (rough estimates):

  • 50 cent went to Paul Kiely's 'retirement bonus'.
  • About €1.70 went EVERY YEAR to the CEO.
  • About 47 cent went every year to the IT Manager (Not a volunteer).
  • Nearly €200 went to the rest of the staff - trained nurses, speech therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, psychologists, nurses, cleaners, etc. (Legends, who in turn spent that money on their mortgages, at the shops, paying taxes, etc.)
  • About €40 went on electricity (running a gait lab and a heated pool for example), maintenance, phone bills, cleaning products, toilet paper, etc.

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