Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Last Thoughts On The Rehab CEO Salary

So there's the figure: €240k plus perks.

I've written about it before on this blog, but decided to do one last summary of thoughts on the subject:

  • €240,000 really is too much for anyone to earn, whether you're a charity CEO, private company CEO, football player, movie star, inventor of Facebook, arms dealer or primary school teacher.

  • "Anyone that earns more than me is overpaid." - Everyone, including me.

  • Private company CEOs use your money to pay their salaries. It's not a donation, but it's still your money. Your food, electricity, medical bills, etc. would be cheaper if the CEO of these private companies earned less. I would argue that it's easier to stop a donation to a charity than to stop buying food and electricity and medicine.

  • If we're going to overpay anyone why don't we overpay teachers and aid workers and nurses and cleaners?

  • If we're going to compare people's salaries to the Taoiseach or the POTUS then let's remember that they get their accommodation, food, transport, etc. paid for along with lots of benefits, including probably never having to work again.

  • CEOs don't choose their own salary - it's determined by their Board. In the case of charities, this is a voluntary board.

  • Rehab is a supplier to the Government. Their funding is not a donation...it's outsourcing.
    I believe, without exception, that charities need to be transparent with their salaries, but so should other suppliers to the State, eg. telecoms, transport, catering, stationery, construction, contractors, etc.

  • Are you happy with our Government outsourcing health and social care?

  • If our Government (that we voted in) take exception to the CEO's salary as one of their suppliers they should...and could...certainly do something about that. Keep in mind they were aware of it in 2011, and probably earlier than that. Have you seen the process you have to go through to secure State funding?

  • Rehab are not representative of the charity sector. It's like judging your local corner shop on what Microsoft's CEO earns.

  • Again, without exception, charity salaries need to be transparent.

  • Again, €240k really is too much for anyone to earn.

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