Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So I'm Delivering This Fundraising Seminar In A Swimming Pool...

"I'm delivering this fundraising seminar in a swimming pool." That's what I would have said if things had gone to plan.

Let me explain...

I love going to fundraising conferences because...well...fundraising. But also it's a little holiday for me where I manage to get away from the people I love the most. And the highlights for me are always getting room service, having a nap...and going for a swim.

But it's hard to find the time, and at last year's International Fundraising Congress in Holland I found myself with the tough choice of going to another amazing seminar or going for a swim.

I went for a swim.

And I found myself thinking: I wish there was a seminar in this swimming pool.

So I came back to Ireland and put in a proposal to speak at the 2014 IFC on Telephone the swimming pool.

All attendees would be in the swimming pool, relaxed and happy and wet, while they listened to me present stats and advice, and talk about why the telephone is probably the most cost-effective way to raise money for amazing causes.

We would then have a question and answer session in the jacuzzi.

That's the proposal I sent off.

And it was accepted.

But without the swimming pool part. Instead it's just going to be an amazing, fun and informative telephone fundraising session on dry land.

Still...the dream lives on...

So this is an open offer to any fundraising conference anywhere in the world that has a swimming pool. I would love to run a seminar in the pool. Please e-mail me if you're interested.

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