Thursday, April 10, 2014

The 20-Day Fundraising Challenge

We're running the first 20-Day Fundraising Challenge. It's for fundraisers or anyone responsible for the fundraising in their charity or non-profit.

I was inspired by a 10-day meditation challenge and a 30-day yoga challenge. Each of these give you a little bite size chunk of information and help each day and then send you on your merry way.

The 20-Day Fundraising Challenge will be similar: everyday we'll talk a little bit about a different form of fundraising, give you a few tips and tricks, and then give you a little task to go and do for your charity.

These challenges won't answer all your problems. But they'll help build fundraising knowledge and perhaps give you a chance to try something you've never tried before.

I'm excited-ish.

Are you?


  1. The sound quality was kinda poor, even at full volume on my netbook (yes both computer and YouTube volume) it was hard to hear, can you try and sort for the next one, plz!

  2. Almost 6 weeks Simon......Come on....:)

    1. Just keeping you in suspense Gina...
      Hopefully launching in June...just a couple of technical issues!