Thursday, July 24, 2014

Raise More Money On-Line Tomorrow

I just read The loveable Agitator's latest post on raising more money on-line. They suggest:

1. Make our fundraising emails ‘mobile friendly’.
2. Take a fresh look at our Facebook and other social media presence.
3. Improve the conversion rate on our website (and generate more traffic to same).

I'm going to add to the list, (and I'd also move their #2 waaaaaayyyyy down)...

4. Add an on-line donation 'upgrade'. Us agencies are doing it so why can't you?

5. Optimise your donation forms. Reading all of this from Beate Sorum is probably the most productive thing you can do today.

6. Write a better auto-thank you e-mail. These are usually put together as an afterthought. Can you improve yours? I'm not talking about prettier, I'm talking about good writing. And it needs to look like and sound like it comes from a human.

7. Add subtitles to your videos. YouTube makes that really easy and it means people with no speakers and people who are pretending to work in an office can watch them.

8. Bring them off-line. Follow up with a call if you can. Follow up with a letter if you can.

9. Make sure your donation button works. Seriously, in the last month I have visited 3 different charity websites where the donation button was a broken link. On top of that I've seen others where the donation button is well and truly hidden, or at least camouflaged as an 'Add to Shopping Basket'.

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