Sunday, December 14, 2014

Are Direct Mail, E-mail, Vinyl and Bruce Willis Dead?

I keep reading that DM is dead. And now e-mail and Facebook are dead. Meanwhile, people bought more vinyl records this year than any time in the last 20 years.

What's going on?

Well maybe it's just impossible for things to die.

Tobin Aldrich wrote a nice blog post pointing out the DM isn't's changing. He also says he's “been hearing that DM is dead for 20 years.”

I don't think anything is dead.

Things don't die. They change. We get nostalgic. We might prioritise differently, we might budget differently. But to say anything is dead is probably nonsense.

I could make a VHS appeal work if I sent a good strong ask on a VHS tape to the people that still own VHS players. It would work.

When you read an article saying that something is 'dead', check who wrote it and see if they own a company that sells the thing they're claiming is 'next'.

The only thing that will die is each and every person that you love.

Happy Christmas.


  1. Lol Simon!! That last line... ;)

  2. The only thing that will die is hope that money given in faith will actually do or achieve something. Fundraising is a means of convincing people by smart words and techniques that money will be well used in the absence of any evidence of achievement.