Saturday, January 24, 2015

Top Fundraising Blog Posts Of 2014

Like any good blogger, I'm shamelessly collating my top blog posts from 2014 in to a new blog post of its own. Not only does it give us an additional post to drive traffic to, it also bumps up traffic to the original 5 blog posts. Overall, 'clicks' are the drug of the modern world - it's a pathetic attempt at increasing visitors and views in a growing effort to monetise this blog and finally allow me to buy Fantastic Four #48.

So here are my most read blog posts of 2014:

1. Everything I Know About Fundraising In One Slide
"People Donate Emotionally. Keep It Simple. It’s Not About You. Make A Personal Connection. Ask. Transparency, Obviously."

2. Restorative Fundraising
"Think about whether you are doing something to someone, for someone, with someone, or not doing it at all."

3. #NoMakeUpSelfie - What Should Your Charity Learn From It?
"For every #NoMakeUpSelfie there are a million efforts that raised nothing."

4. GUEST BLOG: Why Everyone Loses Over the World Vision Controversy
"When charity becomes more about promoting an ideology than helping people, everyone loses."

5. The Obligatory #IceBucketChallenge Blog Post - Criticism of Criticisms
"You're allowed to find fun in everything as long as it's not at the expense of others. Jesus, otherwise what's the point of anything?"

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  1. Thanks for the list :) - Very usefull for anyone working in the fundraising field.