Thursday, February 26, 2015

Who Is Going To Win The Irish Fundraising Awards?

So the shortlist for the Irish Fundraising Awards was just announced. You can read it here - it's a great resource to get ideas, read real results, and just get inspired.

While I'm reasonably impartial, I have to say I'm delighted to see Tony Ward from Fighting Blindness shortlisted for an award. And I'm very happy to see Concern's Direct Dialogue team get shortlisted - I always thing face-to-face fundraisers are completely overlooked and undermined in our sector.

The whole shortlist is full of lovely people - many of whom I've had the pleasure to work with.

It should be a great night and I hope you're attending. make it more interesting...I've launched the First Annual Irish Fundraising Awards Sweep.

Can you correctly predict the winners of the Irish Fundraising Awards 2015 from a selection of the categories? 
It'll cost you a €5 donation to enter! You can pay your fee here: 
Half of all entry fees will go to the person with the most correct guesses.The other half will be donated to the amazing charity One In Four.

You can enter here:

And you can pay your entry fee here:

Good luck!

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