About Me

This page is a fantastic example of terrible communications. It's all about me, and nothing about you.

I used to work in Sales and I used to work in Finance - two of the most evil professions in the world. But put them together and you get Fundraising...the beautiful profession.

I started working in Fundraising in 2004 and I love it. I genuinely look forward to work every day and I've realised that everyone can have a job they love...it took me over 30 different jobs in my life to get here.

As well as blogging on charities and fundraising, I'm currently Head of Fundraising at One In Four Ireland - a small charity that works with survivors of sexual abuse. 1 in 4 people in Ireland experience sexual abuse...which is crazy.

I tweet obsessively from @ToastFundraiser. I'm also on LinkedIn right here.

I have a Certificate in Fundraising, a Diploma in Fundraising, and I'm a CFRE. I'm a member of Fundraising Ireland, The Wheel and the Institute of Fundraising.

I'm available for training and available for speaking at conferences/events/media on topics such as The War On Non-Profits, Why Charities Are Doomed, as well as all things charity and fundraising. I especially enjoy working with small organisations with little or no fundraising, who just don't know where to start.

I founded Toastmasters For Good in 2015 - aimed at helping charity staff and volunteers improve their public speaking. I'm also on the Dublin Toastmasters committee.

I sang on stage with Pavarotti in Hong Kong. I have 14 things left to do in life before I die. I've been filming one second of my life everyday since the beginning of 2013. I have a son who is slowly killing me.

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