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Here's some of my favourite feedback received for my seminars and speeches. Genuinely, these are all real. (I know, I know - when I read testimonials I always think they're fake too. But I promise I didn't just make these up.)

"The fact that Simon made it applicable to even the smallest charity and that he is Irish based and understood how it needs to be done here. His ideas and content were clear and easy to understand and I would certainly listen to any other seminar he was giving."

"Wasn't really relevant to me - wanted to attend different session."

"Had no idea data could be so interesting - seriously - he was brilliant!"

"This was a very good presentation. Well structured, lots of data to support conclusions and a really good presenting style. I'd have ticked Very Good if it was an option..."

"Did not attend."

"Simon has a dry in desert."

"I found Simon very witty and informative. He was extremely engaging and there was a very good atmosphere in the room. I think that he is a very clever public speaker, he was very balanced in his delivery. There was just the right amount of personality and personal information to keep us all engaged."

"This has to be one of the best opening speakers I have ever heard. Having attended a lot of conferences in the UK. Simon was great."

"I have no problem with being realistic but I could've done without listening to someone who just loves the sound of their own voice."

"I liked Simon's opening session and his way about him. I think he got everyone motivated & excited for the conference ahead."

"His personality got in way of his message."

"Simon was daring and open. He is a great speaker and it was good to have someone working in Ireland give the Irish perspective (and us Fundraisers no place to hide). Simply excellent!"

"Very informative, brilliant speaker, practical examples & demonstrations. Encouraged me to start picking up the phone more."

" I'm not sure his art really does what he seems to want to do."

"It was really great to meet with someone who has a vast experience and could field all of our questions. Simon was very competent and confidant in his delivery of the material and his encouragement of and suggestions around methods of fundraising were extremely helpful."

"This was the best session I have attended in years. Simon was down to earth, practical and gave out a lot of helpful information. He did not spend the session trying to promote his business. I would highly recommend this session."

"Please improve the coffee!"

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