Friday, November 22, 2013

5 Things You Can Do To Help Irish Fundraising Right Now

1. Attend This Free Data Protection Seminar
When something free is jointly organised by Fundraising Ireland, The Wheel and ICTR you know it's important.
The new developments in data protection are bad for Irish charities - even if it doesn't affect you yet it eventually will. I recommend attending the Data Protection Seminar so we can all keep on top of this.

2. Fill Out This Survey
Total Fundraising are running this survey with Whitebarn Consulting. By filling it out, as a non-profit, you could win €250. And the results should benefit the sector as a whole.

3. Attend Fundraising Ireland's Donor Care Seminar in Galway Next Week
Next week's Donor Care seminar should be good. Justin McDermott is, without a doubt, an excellent fundraiser and I'm really happy to be speaking with him.
I'm putting a lot of effort in to the seminar, and Fundraising Ireland are putting a lot of effort in to building the available training out West.
I hope you'll support it. Now cancelled! Well, that's a shame.

4. Sign Up To
A bit of self-promotion, but why not? By signing up your charity for free to you are helping us work towards reducing the fees again.
As the amount we processed increased the bank reduced their fee, which allowed us to reduce our fee from 5% to 4%. It's no secret that I'm working towards a 3% fee and then even lower. But I need more charities on the site. If every charity in Ireland shared a donation portal you could probably get credit card charges below 1%.

5. Vote For Your Next Fundraising Ireland Board
The elections for the next Fundraising Ireland board members take place on the 12th of December. The list of candidates is here and my profile is here.
I've been a proud member of Fundraising Ireland since October 2010 and have always tried to support the sector by sharing data, speaking at seminars and conferences, and through sponsorship. I believe I can help Fundraising Ireland continue and expand the amazing work they do.
Whether you agree or not, I hope you will take the time to cast your vote at the AGM - it is hugely important who goes forward.


  1. Hi Simon - it's the 12th December for the elections for the FI board