Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Can't Donate Blood? Is This A Solution?

When I turned 18 I wanted to donate blood. But I wasn't allowed - and am still not allowed - because I lived in the UK for a few years.

Years later when my Dad became sick with leukaemia I learned about 'platelets' and I decided I wanted to become a regular donor. Again, I'm not allowed to do so because I lived in England.

My girlfriend once went with 3 friends to donate blood. All of them were turned away - she had lived in England, one had just got a tattoo and two of them are gay.

I'm aware of their reasoning, but it's frustrating. With Ireland's currently blood supply running at only 3-10 days I feel there's a better way. I once suggested to the IBTS that potential blood recipients could 'opt-in' to receive my 2nd rate blood. Not entirely practical of course.

But here's my new idea...

YOU may be eligible to donate blood, but might not have the time.

So let me donate my time. To you.

Let me spend an hour or two doing one of your chores, on the condition that you use that time to go and give blood. Let me pick you up, drop you at the blood clinic, go do whatever you need done, then come back and drop you home.

Imagine a whole network of wannabe donors who aren't allowed, all willing to donate their time to the people who just can't find the time to go and give blood.

Is that a temporary solution?