Saturday, January 24, 2015

Top Fundraising Blog Posts Of 2014

Like any good blogger, I'm shamelessly collating my top blog posts from 2014 in to a new blog post of its own. Not only does it give us an additional post to drive traffic to, it also bumps up traffic to the original 5 blog posts. Overall, 'clicks' are the drug of the modern world - it's a pathetic attempt at increasing visitors and views in a growing effort to monetise this blog and finally allow me to buy Fantastic Four #48.

So here are my most read blog posts of 2014:

1. Everything I Know About Fundraising In One Slide
"People Donate Emotionally. Keep It Simple. It’s Not About You. Make A Personal Connection. Ask. Transparency, Obviously."

2. Restorative Fundraising
"Think about whether you are doing something to someone, for someone, with someone, or not doing it at all."

3. #NoMakeUpSelfie - What Should Your Charity Learn From It?
"For every #NoMakeUpSelfie there are a million efforts that raised nothing."

4. GUEST BLOG: Why Everyone Loses Over the World Vision Controversy
"When charity becomes more about promoting an ideology than helping people, everyone loses."

5. The Obligatory #IceBucketChallenge Blog Post - Criticism of Criticisms
"You're allowed to find fun in everything as long as it's not at the expense of others. Jesus, otherwise what's the point of anything?"


  1. Thanks for the list :) - Very usefull for anyone working in the fundraising field.



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